Piano Rental

Short term concert and party rentals

121 Upright / Bench Polished Ebony $650.00
5’3″ May Berlin 162 Grand / Bench Polished Ebony $850.00
6’ May Berlin 187 Grand / Bench Polished Ebony $850.00
6’4” Knabe WKG 64 / Grand Polished Ebony $950.00
7′ Schimmel Grand / Bench Polished Mahogany $1200.00

White Grand Piano or special styles and finishes may be available on request

Semi-Concert/Concert Grands may be available for rent.  Price is contingent on the circumstances of the rental and the make and size of the instrument.

These prices are applicable within the greater metro Toronto area as we define it.

An on-site tuning after delivery is recommended because moving the piano and a changed environment will affect the tuning: price $135.00 plus tax

All costs are subject to 13% HST.  There may be extra moving charges for stairs/ramps/stage, preferred delivery/ pickup times, Holidays, Sundays, after-hours or extended wait time and mileage if outside Toronto area.

Film | Theatre | Commercial productions | Photo shoots

Robert Lowrey can provide pianos for films/plays/photo shoots etc. when an instrument is needed to evoke a certain “period”.  These pianos can be non-functioning props or playable, depending on your needs and our availability.  Rental prices are contingent on the particular instrument and the circumstances of the rental.  Pianos can also be purchased if you wish to modify them to meet your needs.

Long term rentals

Long-term piano rentals where they exist are not to your advantage. They only last 6 months and force you to make a decision at that time. There is little or no choice of instrument, and you usually end up with the most inexpensive of models, at too high a price.  If you do not buy, you lose the rent you paid, and the cost of two moves.

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