280 CONCERT GRAND (9’2″)

Our constant contact with the world’s greatest pianists and most eminent conductors enabled us to draw up a detailed “wish list” for the concert grand model 280. We have now made this profile a reality through a combination of many new technical developments and special respect for our great musical heritage.

The giant of the stage

The Bösendorfer principle of construction views the entire instrument as a cohesive whole. This is what allows us to achieve our uniquely rich sound colors and characteristic singing timbre, of which our concert grand model 280 is living proof.

A New 21st Century Piano

A new model created for the 21st century, the concert grand is multi-talented. It can hold its own against the forces of a large orchestra yet has all the sensitivity required for an accompanying role in a chamber music setting.

In the bass it has a clarity and fundamental tone that no instrument has achieved ever before.

Tradition and innovation in association with the best pianists in the world: the stage is yours!


88 keys
l: 9’2″, w: 5’3″, net: 1.167 lb