Our model 225 grand piano is built for the stage. Its inimitable sound derives from a combination of experience, skilled craftsmanship, technological expertise, musicality and benefits for the customer. After all, we only build what is of service to you.

The semi concert grand
Extended bass range to bottom F

Anyone who has ever encountered its expressive diversity and inimitably rich, moving sound has experienced something very special indeed. Playing this instrument is an uplifting feeling; experiencing its musical spectrum is equally so.

Its size and construction allow this piano to produce a rich palette of sound colours, from the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo. Four additional sub-bass keys also extend the bass range to bottom F.

No wonder that, as well as being a popular choice for concert performances, our 225 model is also very highly thought of as an instrument for private use.


92 keys
l: 7’4″, w: 5’25”, net: 923 lb