Music schools love it. Conservatories love it. You will love it too.

The Enormously Popular Piano

Our 200 model has been enormously popular for more than fifty years. By creating it, Bösendorfer has produced a piano that clearly longs for its tonal and dynamic affinities to come under scrutiny alongside those of its “big brothers”, which is why it is so often the choice of professional teachers at conservatories and music schools. But its compact size means it is equally at home in a private space.

In playing terms, it has the famous, rich, moving Bösendorfer sound and everything else that makes a genuine Bösendorfer what it is: playability, superior quality workmanship and mechanical design in terms of repetition and stability, optimal use of materials to create the best sound possible and lasting value.


88 keys
l: 6’7″, w: 4’11”, net: 753 lb