170 GRAND (5’8″)

Beauty of sound cannot be measured in centimeters. Our 170 model is specially designed for smaller living spaces – which means you can even enjoy the inimitably rich sound of a Bösendorfer at home.

A magical beginning

Small is relative. But what does small mean?

Our 170 model weighs 691 pounds and has dimensions of 146 x 170 centimetres. A formidable presence.

This piano is built by hand using the highest-quality materials. The sound quality in the bass, in particular, and the range of tonal colours are exceptional for a piano of this size. Its action allows the fastest of repetitions and it has a very precise playing feel.

Our 170 model is traditionally finished in highly polished black but can also be finished in a variety of veneers including bird’s eye maple, burr walnut, amboyna, rosewood, pyramid mahogany, pommele or any other desired finish.

And the most beautiful thing of all: it is “a Bösendorfer of grand pianos”.


88 Keys
l: 5’8″, w: 4’11”, net: 691 lb