K230 Tradition

Pythagoras of Samos is said to have asserted that ‘Everything is related to numbers’. In ancient times, he experimented on a one-stringed instrument to discover the ratio between notes and numbers. This interrelationship is still relevant today for the constructors at Schimmel: for example, when they calculate and develop the cast-iron plates for specific instruments according to stability and acoustic criteria. Nowadays, they employ high-tech software for this purpose which is also utilised in the aircraft construction industry. The almost 1000 computer-controlled precision bore holes in the sounding body alone guarantee a fitting accuracy to a micronexact degree in the acoustic element of the piano. This is precision work which makes a major contribution to the consummate sound of our upright and grand pianos.


L (inch) | L x H x W (cm): 7′ 6″ | 230 x 102 x 154
Weight (lbs | kg): 990 | 450


Ebony high gloss

Ebony high gloss