Marquetry Series “Hummingbird”

Marquetry, music and the exotic. Marquetry – the use of many pieces of different types of wood veneer to create images and design – has always been a very skilled and time consuming process, and was traditionally seen as a symbol of wealth. That is why you find a lot of fine examples in the Imperial palaces of Vienna; whilst many art case historical pianos have included marquetry designs.The Austrian Imperial Family was also delighted by exotic images of nature as can be seen at Schönbrunn Palace, their Viennese summer palace. The walls of its intimate music room are covered with wonderful jungle scenes, whilst there is also a complete suite of rooms with delightfully exotic garden panoramas commissioned by Empress Maria Theresa and hand painted by the celebrated 18th century Bohemian ornamentalist painter, Johann Wenzel Bergl. The six-year-old Mozart performed in front of Empress Maria Theresa at Schönbrunn. Empress Elizabeth (Sissi) had her own suite there and would have enjoyed these murals.  Our hummingbird model pays tribute to this exotic world of empire and fantasy and is a contemporary reinterpretation of these traditional images of nature.

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