140CK (pictured in: Cherry matte Finish)

Heintzman upright pianos combine beautiful satin and polished finishes and are available in a variety of furniture styles. Heintzman makes one of the largest upright pianos available today, standing at 140 cm or 55 inches in height. The premium technical components found in the Heinztman uprights include Canadian spruce soundboards, Mapes bass strings, and Renner hammers. A great feature not often found on new pianos is a bass sustain which enables a player to incorporate sostenuto as required.


  • Width:  55.12″
  • Height:  60.63″
  • Depth:  26.18″
  • Action:  Hard Rock Maple parts.  Direct Blow action. Individually weighted keys
  • Beams:  6 full backpost of finest Beech
  • Frame:  Cast Grey Iron Plate
  • Hammers:  100% virgin wool, T-pinned and reinforced, “Renner” hammer option available
  • Keys:  Spruce Keys.  Individually ballanced and lead weighted
  • Pedals:  Soft, Bass Sustain, Full Sustain, Mute Bar
  • Pressure Bar:  Chromium plated steel
  • Pin Block:  17 ply imported Beech from Germany
  • String Wire:  German Roslau string wire
  • Soundboard:  Premium Spruce
  • Tuning Pin:  Chromium plated, thread cut
  • Warranty:  10-year limited.
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