123F (pictured in: Polished Mahogony with Curved Legs)

Heintzman upright pianos combine beautiful satin and polished finishes and are available in a variety of furniture styles. The premium technical components found in the Heinztman uprights include Canadian spruce soundboards, Mapes bass strings, and Renner hammers. A great feature not often found on new pianos is a bass sustain which enables a player to incorporate sostenuto as required.


  • Width:  58.66″
  • Height:  48.43″
  • Depth:  25.59″
  • Action:  Hard Rock Maple parts.  Direct Blow action. Individually weighted keys
  • Beams:  6 full backpost of finest Beech
  • Frame:  Cast Grey Iron Plate
  • Hammers:  100% virgin wool, T-pinned and reinforced, “Renner” hammer option available
  • Keys:  Spruce Keys.  Individually ballanced and lead weighted
  • Pedals:  Soft, Bass Sustain, Full Sustain, Mute Bar
  • Pressure Bar:  Chromium plated steel
  • Pin Block:  17 ply imported Beech from Germany
  • String Wire:  German Roslau string wire
  • Soundboard:  Premium Spruce
  • Tuning Pin:  Chromium plated, thread cut
  • Warranty:  10-year limited.
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