Fridolin Model F-114

Fridolin Upright pianos are constructed using all top quality materials by skilled artisans. These newly designed pianos are noted to have exceptional tonal quality and evenness of touch and sound throughout the entire range of the keyboard. Part of the new design is the unique floating soundboard and direct coupled bass bridge which allows for superior bass response than most other pianos at an even larger size. They feature full agraffs in the bass section as well as all Maple action parts and double coated cold formed hammers for better tonal quality and longevity.


    Length: 24”
    Height: 45″
    Width: 60″
    Weight: 452 lbs
    Material: Spruce
    Soundboard Area: 1991.5 Sq. In.
    Number of Ribs: 10 Crowned
    Design: Laminated Base/ Laminated Cap
    Material: Beech
    Construction:  Hand-Planed, Notched & Pinned, Acoustic-Cut & Tapered
    Plate Casting: Vacuum Processed Cast-Iron
    Design: 2″ Full Perimeter
    Scale: Scale Design
    First Bass String: 45″
    White Key Surface: Acrylic Resin
    Black Key Surface: Satin Phenolic Resin
    Key Material:  Spruce with Maple Button
    Key Frame Material: Spruce
    Design: Weighted & Balanced
    Moulding: Maple
    Shank: Maple
    Felt: Japan Ambic Felt
    Weight: 19 lb. T-Stapled
    Action: North American Rock Maple
    Pinblock: 17 PLY Hard Maple
    Tuning Pins: Chrome Plated, Rolled Thread
    Backpost: 4, Laminated Spruce
    Pedals: 3 Solid Brass with Muffler Rail
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