The Romantic one – My second self

“The piano is my second self” declared Frédéric Chopin. He certainly knew what he was talking about; almost his entire oeuvre was composed for the piano.

Tour of England and Scotland in 1848

To mark the 150th anniversary of Chopin’s death, we created an exclusive masterpiece using the superior technical workmanship for which Bösendorfer pianos are renowned. Many of the lovingly crafted carvings were inspired by pianos on which Chopin played during his tour of England and Scotland in 1848. These beautiful details reflect the care lavished by English piano builders on pro-ducing their works of art. The name board of this piano has a hand-engraved plaque in gold-plated solid silver, which features the composer’s signature.

Available Sizes

This model is available in a variety of sizes, veneers and finishes. Our Chopin model is an investment with a truly unique character.