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The renowned Heintzman Piano Company began moving out of Toronto and eventually out of business in the late 1970’s. At the same time Robert Lowrey was starting a piano service and restoration business­. He’d just moved from the family garage to a small shop which had been the Leaside Post Office. When he heard of the Heintzman closing, Rob hired 5 of their recently laid-off craftsmen, and these men became the nucleus for what was to become Canada’s largest piano service facility.

It was not much later that Phillips Electronic Company moved out of their building at Eglinton Avenue and Brentcliffe Road. Leaside’s old industrial district was transforming; it was such an attractive location, Rob Lowrey could not resist moving there, though he had no idea how he would fill the space he was required to take. Forty years later, Robert Lowrey Piano Experts is now the only surviving company that began the transformation of Leaside’s industrial district, and their big, bright piano workshops have been the heart and soul of the company ever since.

Our Services

Pre-servicing New Pianos

Pianos are not like new televisions or refrigerators which you may enjoy seeing being taken out of their box on your front lawn and brought into your home; you simply plug them in and they’re ready to go. Pianos require pre-servicing, even the most expensive. The tuning must be stabilized, and the regulation checked, in order to insure you enjoy your new instrument to the fullest. (Click this link to take you to the page which accompanies our appraisals, and defines some important piano terms.)


Pianos are complex things; beautiful pieces of furniture, complex mechanical devices, and acoustic instruments under enormous stresses. In addition to the normal servicing they need over time; “tuning, regulation, voicing and cleaning” they may need repairs of one kind or another, and the skills required may not be found in one individual. We have a very wide variety of skills among our staff.


We have large state-of the-art spray booths as part of our workshops, and have refinished hundreds of beautiful old pianos, and tinted or modified many new ones. We are known for our custom work. Skilled cabinet makers and refinishers have been with us from the beginning.

Complete Piano Restoration

It is possible if a very old instrument is worthwhile, or a significant family heirloom, it may be worth “making like new again.” Piano technology has not changed much in over 100 years, and many well-made old instruments can be enjoyed again for generations.

Player Piano Installations

We have on staff one of the best PianoDisc installers in North America. We can make any suitable piano into an instrument which you can sit back and enjoy, at your pleasure.


You may require an appraisal on a piano for insurance purposes, because it has been damaged as a result of a fire, flood, accident or extreme weather conditions. Your piano may also need simple repair or service; most pianos don’t get the normal service they need over their lifetime. Sadly, we are living in a time when many older pianos often have very little market value, which does not necessarily mean they are not of value to you. It has never been more important to get the best advice on an instrument which you own. Robert Lowrey usually performs all our appraisals: Call 416.423.0434 for an appointment.

Piano Tuning

Your piano requires regular tuning; we work with our affiliate company PIANO TUNE CANADA to provide this service.  1 866 886 4648

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Piano covers, bench covers, piano lamps, polishes and much more can be found at our affiliate company PIANO TUNE CANADA.

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