The Pride of Vienna

Founded in 1828 in Vienna Austria, the major cultural centre of Europe for 500 years. Vienna and Böesendorfer are synonymous with the greatest classical composers and musicians. Almost two centuries later Bösendorfer pianos are still so intensely hand-crafted, that only 300 pianos are made a year. They are available in 8 sizes from the mighty Imperial at 290cm to 155cm. Their range of cabinet designs* are legendary and they will custom design a piano to your specifications.

Some Bösendorfer pianos are available with Disklavier System from Yamaha.

* Some of the Art Case and Designer Models are limited editions and may no longer be available, contact Robert Lowrey for up-to-date information.  Bösendorfer, however, will design a cabinet to your own specifications.  For more information, please contact Robert Lowrey.

After nearly 200 years, handcrafting world’s finest piano
Bösendorfer has created the magnificent Opus No. 50.000
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Witness the creation of the next generation of Bösendorfer Concert pianos,
the Bösendorfer 280 VC Vienna Concert Grand.
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Discover how the history, culture and architecture of Vienna
infuses and inspires the creation of Bösendorfer Pianos.
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What makes it a Bösendorfer?
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