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We at Robert Lowrey are very proud to be celebrating our 31st  year as Roland representatives in Toronto. We are proud to have what we believe to be the largest Roland Showroom in North America, in the distinctive Roland “Foresta” theme. Please come and visit us, and you’ll discover the advantages we’ve described above are just the beginning.


Explore a new world of musical possibilities with Clavinova. The true expressive capabilities of a grand piano can only be achieved when sound, touch and pedals are in harmony; Clavinova captures the soul of a concert instrument. Come in and explore a new world of musical possibilities.

CLP Series

CVP Series


Yamaha has produced universally respected acoustic pianos for more than a century and combined that traditional knowledge with 21st century technology in the AVANT GRAND, a true hybrid. Acoustic feel with a digital edge give you the best of both worlds. A compact elegant design, with authentic piano performance.