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The ORMTA is a non-profit provincial organization managed by a volunteer council and comprised of more than 1,300 Registered Music Teachers and related members across Ontario. The ORMTA is affiliated with the national association, the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association.

The aim of the ORMTA is to encourage and provide the highest caliber of music education possible and to promote high standards of music in each community.

To become a Registered Music Teacher (RMT), one must hold a degree or diploma from a recognized university or conservatory and/or meet the necessary qualifications set down by the registering province, thus ensuring a high level of training and a commitment to professionalism.

The ORMTA is the only official body of independent music teachers in Ontario.  Members of ORMTA have the right to be designated R.M.T (Registered Music Teachers) by Parliamentary ACT 1946.

ORMTA Students

For more information visit: http://ormtatoronto.org/