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Roland Foresta Showroom

We at Robert Lowrey are very proud to be celebrating our 29th year as Roland representatives in Toronto. In 1985 digital pianos were a very new phenomena, and our company at the time was so closely associated with traditional acoustic pianos, that there was genuine shock among our customers, competitors and friends in the arts when we started to sell Roland digital pianos, which seemed to suggest, that we were far too quick to take up with this newcomer; some felt it was a reproach to the traditional piano. We knew however that this was a genuine development in the evolution of musical instruments, and the piano in particular. We also knew, despite our affection for traditional acoustic pianos, that far too many acoustic pianos were never serviced properly, or were so old and deficient, they served only to discourage those who might otherwise be eager to learn how to play.

It was apparent too, that the way people lived their lives was changing. Changing jobs, cities, and countries was becoming more common, and a more portable; less imposing (big and heavy) piano had great appeal. There were places traditional pianos just didn’t belong, particularly as we became more conscientious about the price and conservation of energy. Churches turn the heat down during the week, and humidity is almost impossible to control. What if you want a piano at your cottage, or even want to take your piano to the cottage during the summer? You live in a condominium and want to play at night, but are worried you are disturbing a neighbour; good digital pianos resolve all these situations. In fact traditional acoustic pianos require substantial servicing other than tuning, and they rarely get enough tuning. The money one can save on tuning alone can pay for a digital piano.

We are proud to have what we believe to be the largest Roland Showroom in North America, in the distinctive Roland “Foresta” theme. Please come and visit us, and you’ll discover the advantages we’ve described above are just the beginning.

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