Restored and Reconditioned Pianos

Robert Lowrey Piano Experts began life as a piano servicing facility, and to this day remains your complete source for reconditioned and rebuilt pianos. The showrooms and warehouse always have a wide variety, from modestly priced apartment size pianos, to fabulous concert grands, as well as meticulously restored "art case" instruments, and "investment quality" grand and upright pianos. Robert Lowrey is described by Toronto Life Magazine as "Not only the best but also the largest piano restoration and service facility in North America". Visit today, and browse through the extensive showrooms, and tour the workshops to see these instruments in various stages of restoration, and meet the skilled cabinet makers, refinishers, voicing and registration specialists, and tuners - you'll likely even see a Piano Disc player piano system being installed on an instrument!

Affordable Reconditioned Pianos

Robert Lowrey describes reconditioned pianos as "newer instruments", which in terms of the way pianos age, means they are almost new to about 40 years in age. Unlike the very old pianos Robert Lowrey occasionally restores, these newer pianos are far less expensive because they require far less work, and can frequently be brought to "as new" condition.
Each is screened prior to our acquiring them by Robert Lowrey, to ensure that they were well treated to begin with, and that they have aged normally. Robert Lowrey also performs the final appraisal which determines the exact job description for each piano. A general price range would be from the under $2,000 to approximately $5000. By purchasing a reconditioned piano you can sometimes pay less than you would for an entry level new piano, or enjoy the opportunity to purchase a superior model at a much lower price than it would be new. All reconditioned instruments are accompanied by Robert Lowrey's five-year parts and labour warranty, as well as a three year 70% buy back / trade in guarantee for pianos $5000 and under in value. Prices also include bench and delivery. The inventory of reconditioned instruments is constantly changing, and a wide variety of styles, wood-shades, and sizes are available.

Over the past 35 years the piano technicians, cabinet makers, and refinishers at Robert Lowrey have proven their expertise in restoring or reconditioning for sale, a wide variety of fine makes, including the following:

• Steinway • Mason and Hamlin • Bösendorfer • Baldwin • Bluthner
• Knabe • Yamaha • Mason & Risch • Sohmer • Kawai
• Heintzman  • Petrof • Bechstein • Nordheimer • Bell