In 2002, the President of Bösendorfer, Christian Hofferl, was in Toronto to present a lifetime achievement award to famed Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson, a lifelong Bösendorfer fan.  At that time, he told Robert Lowrey that his dream was to bring the Bösendorfer skill and care in piano-making to more pianists, at a more affordable price than was possible at the Bösendorfer factory, where those famed instruments are entirely hand-made.  This dream has now been realized, in a joint venture between German, Austrian and Chinese manufacturers. Made in China from entirely German components in a process overseen by highly skilled and dedicated Austrian craftsmen, the Brodmann line represents an extraordinary piano built to the highest quality German factory standards at a price competitive with the finest instruments from Asia.

Brodmann's German made piano: Robert Lowrey is proud to feature the new, entirely European-made Brodmann grand piano in our showroom.


Brodmann Piano Collage

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