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Robert Lowrey Piano Experts has been central Canada’s exclusive Schimmel representative for over 20 years. We also hold the distinction of being Schimmel’s top retailer in North America for the past four years.

German companies have become world leaders in manufacturing through excellent engineering, quality control and highly trained trades people. The first companies we think of when we think of quality are usually German. In the world of automobiles Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Audi are industry leaders; in the world of pianos, the 128 year-old Schimmel Piano Company has no peers. As Germany’s number one selling piano, Schimmel combines research, constant innovation and sophisticated computer assisted technologies, with traditional highly developed human skills to make extraordinarily musical grand and upright pianos.

The year 2013 marked a historic occasion for the company as they developed an exceptional new series of pianos. Working with pianists and professors, Schimmel engineers developed four series of instruments, which they introduced in the spring of 2013. These new series provide the opportunity for a wider group of piano lovers to enjoy true Schimmel “Made in Germany” quality, including the lowest priced German piano to enjoy the coveted “Made in Germany” designation. In 2104 the Schimmel family has been completed with the addition of the amazingly affordable Fridolin line of grand and upright pianos. Wilhelm Schimmel founded the Schimmel piano company in Germany 130 years ago, and at almost the same time his brother Fridolin opened a factory in Minnesota. The Fridolin pianos are named in his honor; Fridolin was a talented craftsman and prolific inventor.

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