The Robert Lowrey Guarantee & Warranties

The 70% Buy-Back/Trade-in Guarantee

For over 25 years, The Robert Lowrey Guarantee has applied to all our traditional (non-electronic) pianos with a value of $5000 and less, whether new or reconditioned.  During the first 3 years you have the piano we will buy it back, or take it on trade at 70% of your original pre-tax purchase price. You have 3 full years to determine if a piano will be appreciated in your home. Some simple conditions apply.  Ask any of our staff for details when you visit!

The Robert Lowrey Warranty

Robert Lowrey's technical depth enables the store to provide far more service and quality assurance than most piano stores, and provides an extensive "in-house" warranty in addition to new manufacturers' warranties, which may not be able to "stand up to" our tough Canadian climate. New manufacturers' warranties can be rigid - and therefore may not cover some of the issues Canadian piano owners face.  Robert Lowrey therefore streamlines and simplifies warranty requirements, eliminating the small print.  You're covered for all standard warranty considerations and requirements, and Robert Lowrey also extends its own warranty to ensure your investment is painstakingly covered, including piano transportation costs* should your instrument require service at the store's extensive workshop facility.

*Some Conditions Apply - please ask staff for details